Is Donald Trump A Moron?

Did you have to ask?

No doubt Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States is a total moron. I wrote extensively about that. I said it countless times. Nobody took me seriously until a moron within his administration, Rex Tillerson, the former secretary of State mustered enough courage to call the president by his real name, Moron. Donald Trump is indeed the Chief Moron Officer of America.

What is a moron?

Per the dictionary, a moron is a stupid person, a fool, an idiot. Although most who voted Trump in office would argue they are not stupid or fool, – what else are they going to say? – their rationale (for doing so) is not that of a smart individual. One can either be intelligent and smart or idiot and stupid. It cannot be both. No one can explain being smart by acting like a fool and speaking like an idiot. (write that down; it might become handy).

Without further ado, go to the Full Article to read about classifications of morons.

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