Is Donald Trump A Moron?

The Morons
And of course there are the morons. Although by any analysis those morons are also opportunists, they belong in this group because they are foolish enough to believe anything Trump had told them. Some even believed Donald Trump would become a better individual as president than he was as a candidate. A number of them continue to believe that Donald Trump is doing a great job. No one can convince a moron that two + two are not five (2 + 2 ≠ 5). To convince the morons that Donald Trump is the worst that has happened to America is much harder and more painful than pulling teeth without anesthesia.

It is very difficult if not impossible to sustain a rational discussion with Republicans in general, the Republican morons in particular. If they believe the sky is red, they would rather wear a pair of “red” glasses instead of admitting that the sky is not red, was never red, the sky cannot be red. The greatest ignorance is the systematic refusal to learn and the blindfolded determination to reject the truth. That statement describes rather accurately the Republican Party in general, Trump’ supporters in particular.


One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Moron?

  1. I loved this post! As a devout anti-Trumpist I write about this stuff all the time (I’d love if you had time to read one and provide feedback).

    in terms of some constructive criticism, you don’t need to insert the “featured image” into the top of your post. Since it’s the featured image, it’ll be the first image a reader sees. Right now, you get the same picture twice at the top of the page.

    Unless that was intentional, in which case you should ignore that comment. Blog on, bloggist!!


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