Is Donald Trump A Moron?

The Opportunists
There are many (both former and current) who have served in the Trump administration but couldn’t care less about agenda for the country; most in this category jumped at the opportunity to be part of this administration because they saw a quick way to further their individual and selfish goals. The opportunists are keen to the fact their days in this administration are numbered which might help to explain why they’re all in a hurry to waste and misuse the taxpayers’ money, something which would have never been allowed in any other administration. They joined in the chaos; they watched Trump very closely during the race. They are smart enough to conclude that Mr. Trump is a demagogue. He promised a lot to everyone, can hardly deliver a little to anyone.

They run in his circle. They’ve seen him in action. They put up with him because they’re business people; they don’t care about personality or intelligence. If there is an opportunity to make money, it doesn’t matter whom they have to deal with. Those opportunists would deal (and probably have dealt) with the devil when necessary, as long as it is more or less certain that at the end of the day they will make money and thus increase their coffers. To that extent, one would say those opportunists in the Trump administration act the way they’ve always had, as business people looking for opportunities to make more money. Donald Trump offered them the chance of a lifetime.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Moron?

  1. I loved this post! As a devout anti-Trumpist I write about this stuff all the time (I’d love if you had time to read one and provide feedback).

    in terms of some constructive criticism, you don’t need to insert the “featured image” into the top of your post. Since it’s the featured image, it’ll be the first image a reader sees. Right now, you get the same picture twice at the top of the page.

    Unless that was intentional, in which case you should ignore that comment. Blog on, bloggist!!


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