Is Donald Trump A Moron?

What is a moron? – Let’s call the Devil by its name, shall we!
Per the dictionary, a moron is a stupid person, a fool, an idiot. Although most who voted Trump in office would argue they are not stupid or fool, – what else are they going to say? – their rationale (for doing so) is not that of an intelligent individual. One can either be intelligent and smart or idiot and stupid. No one can explain being smart by acting like a fool and speaking like an idiot. (write that down).

In addition to the morons who voted Trump in office, there are two major groups of people who make up his cabinet:

  • The Morons
  • The Opportunists.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Moron?

  1. I loved this post! As a devout anti-Trumpist I write about this stuff all the time (I’d love if you had time to read one and provide feedback).

    in terms of some constructive criticism, you don’t need to insert the “featured image” into the top of your post. Since it’s the featured image, it’ll be the first image a reader sees. Right now, you get the same picture twice at the top of the page.

    Unless that was intentional, in which case you should ignore that comment. Blog on, bloggist!!


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