A Case Against Donald Trump For President

I am not a member of the #NEVERTRUMP movement or any group with primary objective to prevent Mr. Trump from becoming president. I am a concerned citizen making a plea for you to consider what the nation would be like and how the world would interact with the United States under a Trump’s administration. If comments made by heads of State across the world are any indication, the United States might no longer be the beacon with the shining light on the hill ; the country may no longer be the envy of the world and its citizens no longer welcome everywhere.

Which nominee will be the next president of the United States is anyone’s guess. Granted the Republicans want Donald Trump and the Democrats are cheering for Hillary Clinton but what makes this presidential election cycle so different, so unique is that for the first time in a very long time the country is not only divided among party lines but the electorate are also widely divided in their understanding of what’s good for the country and which candidate is best to carry it out.


3 thoughts on “A Case Against Donald Trump For President

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