QUORA 4 Trump – Disgruntled Me

Donald Trump’s effect on the Media has begun. QUORA is now doing what one would expect only from places like FOX: to silence Trump’s critics. Or is it just to silence EFFECTIVE Trump’s critics like myself?

To the following question asked on Quora:

People have moaned about politicians breaking their campaign promises. Donald Trump has fulfilled many of his campaign promises. Why do many people only look at his faults and not at his ability to get things done?

Below is my answer, verbatim, which was deleted by QUORA with no explanation. My suspicion is the title of the article A Case Against Donald Trump For President mentioned in the answer. I appealed the decision but I have yet to hear from anyone at Quora.

UPDATE: I got an answer from Quora which claimed my posting was flagged as SPAM. Allright then! I found out afterwards that three other posts which are also critical of Trump were deleted as well. At the bottom of this post, I provide all four links which were deleted (NOT sure if they are still accessible).




REMARK: As a point of reference of my familiarity with the Donald Trump who aspired to be President, I began to write about him since he approached the GOP leaders to discuss his political ambitions; they unanimously advised him to bid for the governorship of New York which he rejected; he told them flat out he was considering a run for the Oval Office. They all walked away from him which provides a window as to why he began his bid without a single GOP Leader’s backing, endorsement or support.

On May 30, 2016 I wrote an article “A Case Against Donald Trump For President” (located here) in which I warned the country against the idea of a Donald Trump’s presidency. Contrary to most who either believed he would lose the election to Hillary Clinton or would flail publicly if elected president, the GOP Legislators would be forced to get rid of him somehow, I feared he would be successful fulfilling the promises he made – Camille Khoury provided a great take on this (found here) – for as far as I could find in historical archives, we the people (of the United States) have always judged elected officials – mostly presidents, governors and mayors – based on whether they’d kept the promises they made while campaigning for the offices they seek. To a very large extent, we have rewarded elected officials who’ve kept their promises and punished those who have not.

George H.W.Bush is the most striking example of such; when he bid for the office of the presidency in 1988 (he served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president for two terms and was favored to win that year), he made the memorable promise “NO NEW TAXES”. Unfortunately, the country was falling into a recession and he was forced to raise taxes. The constituents punished him by voting him out office and electing Bill Clinton as the 42nd president of the United States.

In light of such, the support for Donald Trump to become the 45th president departed from the norm; there were two anomalies with Trump’s promises:

  1. It is well documented – even before his bid for the Oval Office – Mr. Trump is a serial liar; he has defrauded small businesses, violated contract agreements and used bankruptcies as a way to avoid paying back money he borrowed from financial institutions.
  2. the pouring of support (slow at first but overwhelming in the end) for someone whose public record has NOTHING GOOD (literally) – be it in his personal life (cheated several times on his wives, married several times) or his business deals (mountain of lawsuits for violating contracts).

And yet, I feared that he would fulfill his promises which would be a disaster for the country. Consider for instance that EPA has gotten rid of regulations and safeguards which protect the environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink – from being polluted by chemical dumping into the rivers and smoke from chemical entering into the atmosphere, both of which will not simply affect us today but will EFFECT physically future generations. Imagine the constant inhaling of chemically combined oxygen and drinking water polluted with various types of chemical. Your pregnant wife would transfer whatever modification done to her (internal) physiological DNA directly to the fetus within whom the effect may be immediate (baby born with deformation) or gradually transforming the biology/physiology of future generations.

While getting rid of regulations provides a short term benefit for businesses, the long-term consequences for the human population do not justify the praises businesses give to the Trump’s administration for removing those guidelines.

There are tons of examples in other areas as well, such as the financial institutions that are now free to charge, at their discretion, the fees/penalties/interests of borrowing money instead of abiding by what was set as regulations…

The praises the Trump’s administration have collected from the business’ executives and the cheering from his supporters can only be likened to someone who is stabbed repeatedly (by a rich punk) and consciously decided NOT TO fight back or yelled for help because – in his greedy rationale – he will sue the “bastard” for millions of dollars in damages. That might only work if he survives the attack, and even if does he may never be the same person again.

Donald Trump has always picked short term gain no matter what the long-term consequences may be. For instance, in his private business

  • he didn’t pay small businesses which rendered services or sold products to his organization. Short term gain: he got the product or he had the service done without spending a penny; long-term consequence: he had to spend time fighting lawsuits
  • he borrowed money and refused to pay it back. Short term gain: he got the money he needs, channeled most of it to SAFE accounts, didn’t have to return most of it; long-term consequences: he had to spend time in litigations and would later have to declare bankruptcies

That behavior was cultivated over many decades – six to be exact – So, I knew Mr. Trump’s approach would be a disaster for this and future generations; I feared with all my strength he would keep those promises.

The scary part is that he has, and generations to come will suffer the consequences long after Mr. Trump becomes a memory everyone would wish they could erase




UPDATE: It is actually worse than I thought. All my answers which include criticism of Donald Trump were deleted by Quora. Here are the few I could find thus far:

  1. https://www.quora.com/Is-the-Mueller-investigation-drawing-to-a-close-Is-it-s-end-expedited-with-a-Manafort-acquittal/answer/Mike-Ducheine?__filter__=&__nsrc__=2&__sncid__=1971182590
  2. https://www.quora.com/Assuming-Trump-pardons-Manafort-what-will-the-Mueller-team-do-about-that-Can-state-charges-be-brought-for-the-same-crimes/answer/Mike-Ducheine?__filter__=&__nsrc__=2&__snid3__=3123754858
  3. https://www.quora.com/If-a-vote-to-impeach-Trump-were-to-go-along-party-lines-wouldnt-it-be-better-for-Republicans-to-impeach-him-now/answer/Mike-Ducheine?__filter__=&__nsrc__=2&__snid3__=3110545873
  4. https://www.quora.com/People-have-moaned-about-politicians-breaking-their-campaign-promises-Donald-Trump-has-fulfilled-many-of-his-campaign-promises-Why-do-many-people-only-look-at-his-faults-and-not-at-his-ability-to-get-things-done/answer/Mike-Ducheine?__filter__=&__nsrc__=2&__snid3__=3108673471

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