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It probably came as a (pleasant) surprise to friends and a shock to foes that Trump’s win in the Indiana primaries on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 has put an end to the Republican primaries and made him the presumptive nominee of the Party, but if you’ve been following me or you’ve been reading my articles – by reading, I don’t mean just scan the headlines – you would have known before all others (who don’t read my blog) including political experts, analysts, commentators, strategists and pundits that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee. How so, you might ask. Well, on February 23, 2016 immediately after the South Carolina primaries and before the Nevada caucus results (Super Tuesday was a week away), I published the article titled “The Republican Nominee For 2016 Is…” under which I provided details of my rationale why I believe Donald Trump will become the nominee no matter what. That was the darndest thought to have let alone say it. Some even suggested then I should acquire a psychic hotline, deriding me of course.

No, I am not a psychic; so, please do not ask me to find out whether you’re gonna get married or will win the lottery; that’s outside my ability. As I explained in previous articles, I have the keen ability to see and predict presidential elections outcomes correctly because 1) I am not emotionally vested; I express no preference for one party or another, for one candidate or the other 2) I am able to separate my like (or dislike) of an individual from what’s going on. For instance, I do not appreciate Trump’s behavior towards others but my dislike of his behavior does not impact my ability to see him as an effective individual who gets results 3) I do not follow or simply repeat others’ opinions; it does not matter whether the opinion is that of the President of the United States, it doesn’t affect my analysis 4) I do not rely on pundits’ analysis; do you know how many times they’ve been wrong this election season? how about “every time” 5) My analysis takes into account great many factors among which is the “sentiment of the country”, the candidate’s ability to explain (or not) mistakes, gaffes, awkward moments and the way s/he is able to recover from such.

So, stay tuned for my article on “who the next president of the United States will be”.

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