The Road GOP Leaders Must Travel

DeadEnd Road5Rev


The very day Obama was being sworn into office on January 20, 2009, the Republican leaders didn’t even take a moment to acknowledge the historic milestone the country has reached, from blacks being treated as slaves to a black president. Instead, on that day at the very time, they gathered in a meeting a few blocks away from where the swear-in ceremony took place to figure out the best way to prevent Obama from winning a second term. Freaking amazing! A way they have devised, to oppose everything Obama. And they have made good on their word; it did not matter whether a policy would benefit the country; if it’s from Obama, it has to be opposed. The objective, the main objective, the primary objective, the sole objective is to stand in the way of the president no matter the consequences. The GOP leaders labeled the move “a strategy” to make the president look bad and thus impossible for him to be re-elected. You don’t need to be lectured on what the Republican Party has done throughout Obama’s presidency.


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