Where Are The Patriots


A patriot is often likened to someone who fights for his country even at the cost of his life. I implore you to become a patriot today, for the Republic is in great danger of becoming irrelevant. This time, you don’t need to bear arms but to just say you’re a patriot doesn’t cut it. To just be American (born or acquired) does not a patriot make one either.

To most (constituents and leaders alike), patriotism simply means to vote their party regardless the (perceived negative) consequences to the country. This election cycle, the specter of a Trump presidency is a grave and imminent danger all patriots must protect the Republic from.

Even under the influence of delusion no one can justify a Trump administration as something to look forward to or anything good for the country, and yet there are still scores of Republican leaders who are shamelessly making a case for Trump, claiming he is better than Hillary for the country.

Seriously? Seriously!


One thought on “Where Are The Patriots

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