A Case Against Donald Trump For President

The country is at a crossroad where party affiliation cannot be the deciding factor. You don’t need to be a Democrat; you don’t have to like Hillary but for the sake of your children and your children’s children, for the sake of the country, I urge you NOT to gamble the future. There are damages, tragedies, devastations one can never recover from; the Donald Trump’s prospect as the next president of the United States is one such instance.

To run the country is not an act; it cannot be scripted. It was fun to watch Mr. Trump during the primaries; it was entertaining, outrageous, hilarious and ridiculous at times; now it is important. It is not just about the United States; it is not just about you; it is about the future. No logical individual can justify handing the fate of the nation, of the world even in the hands of Donald Trump.

3 thoughts on “A Case Against Donald Trump For President

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