Intelligence 100X Smarter than Mankind

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In the previous publication (located HERE, which must be read in order to be able to follow along), we discussed the existence of “intelligence” which are many times smarter than even the geniuses among us. Their account was not the report of or for a research; by sheer happenstance, a group of scientists were transported, beamed, woke up, found themselves in an environment that could not even be conceived by the most creative minds in Hollywood. They don’t know how they got there; they don’t know how long it took to get there; they don’t know where ‘there’ was; they don’t even know who lives ‘there’. Surreal, impossible cannot even come close to describing their experience.

Their stories (the scientists’ that is) were so unbelievable their team leader, the Head of the Research Division, judged it necessary to subject them to thorough physical and mental examination in order to dispel any possibility their stories could have been mentally fed to them by the higher intelligence, or their brains modified by such intelligence or they were under some form of hallucination all the while managed to remain conscious of their environment and surroundings.

Although they did not think they were affected in any way, yet they too weren’t at all sure of what to make of the experience; they also grappled to believe their own stories, which sound much like scripts for a science fiction movie; they were not. Those individuals were very reputable scientists who did not earn their place in the scientific world by joking, or making up stories.


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