Intelligence 100X Smarter than Mankind

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The results did not put any mind to rest; it was even more perplexing there was nothing wrong with the subjects. Scientists in general, including those who were subjected to that rare (if not unique) experience, do not like to be in the dark. They live by a simple premise: everything can be logically explained but here they were, baffled, unable to explain what happened.

Apparently, nothing – that could be seen, observed or discovered through examination – happened to them, nothing was done to them but the experience left them, and everyone who heard about it, confused.

The team of scientists would be pouring over the collected data in the next few days to find out whether anything “jumps out”, overlooked by the examiners or missing. To no avail, not even the brightest minds could make light of that situation. The difficulty the scientists had, to explain what would be from now on referred to as “The Phenom”, would send the Head of the Research Division, Jim, to Washington to meet with the National Science Research Division (NRD)’s great minds in order to find out whether something in the NRD database or someone in Washington could shed light into what had frustrated his team of scientists back home.

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