Proof Of Technology 100x Smarter Than Humans

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We were all blown away! The most sophisticated technology no one believes existed exists. It beats humans’ intelligence hands down. The joke that machine could take over humans some day is no longer funny. The intelligence we will discuss here and in future publications is estimated to be at least 100 times smarter than the geniuses among us.

Houston! We have a problem.

Today, we are ‘woahed’ by progress in technology, especially in the area of artificial intelligence. From Amazon Alexa carrying out various tasks on command to IBM computer Watson performing millions of calculations per second, assisting doctors in brain surgery and even managing in its spare time to beat Jeopardy champions (Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter) without breaking a sweat, not to mention flying and self-driving cars on the horizon, the ‘Hyperloop or tube travel (at 700mph speed)’ and a slew of other goodies, we cannot imagine the existence of anything more extraordinary than those.

Is there? Can there be?

Well! There is, but you won’t believe your eyes or your ears. We too were blown away by what we saw, ecstasied by what we heard. Even eyewitnesses grappled with their own stories after their interactions with intelligence which seems to be out of this world, our world. The closest encounter we’ve had with such sophisticated intelligence is in The Matrix, but this was not The Matrix. What we are about to discuss here is not science fiction. Eyewitnesses, credible eyewitnesses go on record to recount their experience with what we can all agree sounds truly incredible, to say the least.


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