Intelligence 100X Smarter than Mankind

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Within a week of the examinations, the results came back. Those entrusted with that important task came to the Research Center carrying volumes of data – collected during the examinations – which contained details as simple as the length of fingernails to as complex as rendering of the brains at various intervals during the process. The examiners – forensic scientists with no less than two decades of experience – were present to provide synopses of various aspects of the examinations they performed and to answer any question that might arise. Once assembled in the main conference room which could accommodate upward of 100 people (150 were in attendance), the examiners got straight into the business of presenting their finding.  

Surprise! Surprise! There were really just surprises.

The most surprising aspect of the result was the fact that the researchers and scientists who were subject to the “weird experience” were in excellent health, better than before (when compared with record from the last examinations, performed days before their inexplicable experience). In addition to great physical health, the scientists’ mental state was also found to be excellent. It was all good news.

That was bad news!

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