Trump’ Presidency Exposes McConnell’ Stranglehold on American Democracy

Mitch McConnell’ stranglehold on our nation has been felt for decades but it was not until Donald Trump’ presidency the country would begin to understand that the Senate majority leader has always been the puppet master, the members of the Senate are naturally puppets who only dance to McConnell’s tune. By any analysis and observation, Republican senators seem to only act on Mitch’s commands.

No Senator dares to take any position on any issue without Mitch’s nod, a predicament which would be in full display during Trump’s impeachment hearing (January 16 – February 5, 2020). Not a single senator stood up to defend the Constitution (they all took an oath to uphold) even after hearing testimonies from over a dozen diplomats who lay out the undeniable actions of Trump’s sollicited assistance from a foreign government. One such testimony said unequivocally “Trump wanted quid pro quo” from the president of Ukraine. And yet, Mitch McConnell felt at ease to say on national TV during an interview on Fox (Dec 12, 2019) that the Senate body would fully collaborate with the President’s attorney; he went on to say that he had completely ruled out the possibility of holding Trump accountable for violating the oath of office the president took.


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