Mitch McConnell And Donald Trump Are Related



8-Month old baby Trump


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This is not a typo; you read correctly. US Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are indeed related. I mean they are blood relatives. Shocking, huh! Well, I was as shocked as you are but hang on to your hat! They are father and son. I am not kidding! Did you look at the picture? See the resemblance? Well? Read below when and how it all began.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader, is once again embroiled in another extra-marital affair; a scandal which will certainly come as a shock to the nation. For almost five years now, rumors running through the grapevine allege that Mitch McConnell may have fathered Donald Trump. It’s unbelievable! I know. The scandal may be much more than father and son can handle but because both are tight lipped and Mitch has given no indication thus far he is going to challenge those rumors and Donald has not said a word about it, we will continue to solicit information from those close to both. Effort to reach Mitch’s office for comments has been unsuccessful but people knowledgeable of the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirm that Mitch may be aware he is Donald Trump’s father.

For reasons that are yet to be explained, Mitch McConnell has publicly denied any relation whatsoever with Donald Trump but a paternity DNA test at the DNA Diagnostics Center in Louisville, KY, Mitch had almost a decade ago to fend off another accusation of extra-marital affairs (go figure! Mitch! Extra-marital affairs? Nah!) which resulted in a child presumably Mitch’s will be made public soon. According to sources close to the matter, Mitch’s DNA matches Donald’s; in addition, both have the same blood type A. There is no denying it, Mitch McConnell fathered Donald Trump. Mitch is officially recognized as Washington oldest stud.

It is always heartbreaking for any child to be denied being part of someone’s life he found out brought him to this world. Besides coping with the emotional experience to understand why he was given up for adoption, more often than not, the child is looking for answers from his parents. William Shatner is currently fighting a similar situation; Peter Sloan, 59 of Florida is suing his father (Shatner) for $170 million, looking to reconnect with his estranged father and claiming his share of the wealth Shatner has amassed during his absence in his son’s life all those years. Peter Sloan – who has changed his name to Peter Shatner – believes that his mother, Canadian actress Kathy McNeil (born Katherine Burt), met his father William while both were acting in Toronto in 1956. The actress gave Sloan up for adoption five days after his birth.

The similarity of the two stories ends almost as soon as it starts; while Peter has been actively trying to reconnect with his estranged father, Donald has not made any such attempt. William Shatner has publicly denied any relationship with Peter, so has Mitch in regards to Donald although he may have privately confessed to knowing about Donald.

As shocking and unbelievable this revelation may be, a superficial observation of the external characteristics and traits of both Mitch and Donald should leave no confusion they are indeed related. The resemblance stretches beyond physical appearance; they think alike, they talk alike, they even share similar emotions. For instance, Mitch McConnell’s mission statement was to deny Obama a second term; unknowing to the world – and probably to Trump – of the relationship, Donald’s mission was to derail Obama’s presidency through the Birther’s movement. Here is the kicker, both father and son failed in their mission. Is there any stronger bond between father and son than to embark in similar (or comparable) mission and fail together?

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have so much in common one would think they’re twins; had it not been an old picture of Mitch holding Donald (featured above) when he was just an eight months old baby crying, – Donald was a cry baby – it would have been hard to prove. If one pays close attention to Mitch’s facial expression when his son Donald is on stage, you can almost touch the pride in his eyes; his smiles get bigger; he’s just a proud dad.

With Donald busy campaigning to become the next president of the United States, it will be a while before he is able to set time aside to reconnect with his estranged father; then again, if he wins the general elections, he will not just be next door to his father but he will also work closely with him on many issues facing the country. This could become the unique story of father and son finding one another through scandal and politics. It remains to be seen if any announcement would be made before the general elections. Regardless, we all hope that they can both put politics aside to find the friendship they’ve never had.

Disclaimer: the story has not been verified; we have no intention of spending resources to conduct any investigation. We see no value finding out whether those two are related. We simply find it entertaining, that’s all.


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