Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose


I finally get a grasp on the big divide between Republicans and Democrats. The BIG DIVIDE is actually SMALL and there is not a more appropriate issue than the Pro-life vs Pro-choice to illustrate that. And the discussions about the topic are more or less important, usually informative, sometimes silly and entertaining, at times ridiculous and can even turn deadly.

Pro-lifers (known otherwise as Conservatives, a nicer label for Republicans) want the government to pass law banning abortion but they also want government out of the way. Hmm! That’s quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Until Republicans have a clear idea whether they want government in or out of people’s lives, let’s keep legislations out of the conversation here.

A few days ago, I read the following question (printed here verbatim): “The Democratic platform is pro-Abortion, so how are their any Christian Democrats?” posted by a user on Hubpages.com. It dawned on me that the divide between Republicans and Democrats is not big, it is stark. Fantastic, I thought. If only the two Partys could seat at a table and have a civil, respectful conversation! More often than not however, it proves more of a gargantuan task to have the two sides in the same room, let alone attempt to bridge the divide.


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