Trump Almighty

Most Republicans – a great majority – will renounce God without any hesitation if Trump were to ask.
Well, it so happens Trump did not have to ask; most Republicans have abandoned biblical teaching
and thrown away moral principles in order to please their new found savior, their new master
Trump Almighty.

If the previous paragraph sounds over the top to you, it’s very likely because you have not been paying attention. Even Republican Legislators who took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, the most important and tangible aspect of our democracy, have bowed to Trump Almighty and would do away with the Constitution in order to please their master. You see,

  • I used to think there remains a shred of decency among the Republicans
  • I used to believe they were patriots
  • I used to argue they would never sell their souls when it comes to defending the Constitution.

I was wrong in all counts. Maybe, they did, until they all found Trump Almighty.

The past four years have exposed one of the greatest threats in the world, the beginning of the end of American democracy. (Watch regular discussions of this topic in my Daily Broadcast)


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