The Smart Ignorant of the Republican Party

Faced with the specter he might actually go to jail, Donald Trump grows very desperate; so desperate he does not even hesitate to use the resources of the presidency in an effort to reverse the 2020 elections he lost decisively to Joe Biden.

With a deficit of well over 70 Electoral College votes (Trump 232 – Biden 306) and a negative difference of over 7 million popular votes to his Democrat rival Joe Biden, Mr. Trump is well aware his fate is sealed.

The uncertainty he feared which he hid behind his every authoritarian move during his term, is now on display in every action, in every tweet and even in his silence. For four years, the presidency shielded him from all his legal woes, some of which criminal in nature. The loss of the elections ripped open the shield and exposed a very scared, tantrum throwing man who created enemies everywhere; he sees no way out of this predicament, except one which coincidentally he cannot have, to keep the presidency.


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