Trump’ Presidency Exposes McConnell’ Stranglehold on American Democracy

That very moment when the Senate majority Leader openly violated (as if in defiance) his own oath to the Constitution to give a pass at the president of the United States who had violated for the umpteenth time the Constitution he swore oath to defend will undoubtedly be reflected in the annals of history as the period when America’s democracy received the most devastating blow; that moment marks the beginning of the end of a democracy which was once touted the best in the world.

Such stranglehold on a country which has marketed itself as the bastion of democracy, the cradle of freedom, a refuge for the politically (or religiously) persecuted, has been largely ignored due mostly to the outrageous behavior and the childish tantrum throwing actions of the highest elected official in the nation, the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

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