Trump’ Presidency Exposes McConnell’ Stranglehold on American Democracy

Mitch McConnell (and other leaders in the Senate) took advantage of the chaos Trump created to deprive the nation of the protection accorded unto us by the Constitution because collectively, The People had spent the last four years laser-focused on the tweetman all the while ignored the damages inflicted on the nation by other bad actors (Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley & others) with far better means, effective and long lasting.

Although all GOP leaders are ultimately responsible, it is Mitch McConnell who has darkened the souls of this nation by resorting to Machiavellian tactics, tightening his grip on Republican Legislators of (both the House and) the Senate, enabling Donald Trump to derail societal norms and clearing the path for the president to ignore the rules of law and shred US Constitution to such an extent Mr. Trump would even plot a coup against the country in order to stay in office. Trump’s attempt to subvert our democracy is not just the action of a desperate man who wants to cling to power; a concerted effort by Republicans of both Houses with Mitch McConnell’ silence as a nod to proceed is the clearest evidence yet of the Senate Leader’s grip on all the members. When Mitch congratulated Joe Biden as the president elect on the Senate floor a month after that was obvious, known and accepted by the rest of the world, it became all the more evident GOP Senators must wait for Mitch to tell them how to act, what to say, how to behave. Before Mitch conceded Joe Biden is the president elect, most Republican Senators offered a litany of ridiculous – mostly senseless – reasons why they were not ready to accept the outcome of the elections.

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