Most Republican Leaders Promote Ignorance And Stupidity As Great Qualities

Contrary to all the doomsayers (aka warmongers) who’ve been promoting a confrontation with Kim Jong Un in order to stave off the great threat to the United States and the world, the greatest threat to our nation is not an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from North Korea hitting New York City or Los Angeles, it’s not even the specter of World War III, it is the possibility of an explosion, the particles of which already float, unattended, ignored, discarded or shrugged off as harmless. Worse, it is blamed to be a smear campaign; it’s the dumbification of the Republican Party.

Although it’s been common knowledge that the Republican Party in general has subscribed to promoting falsehoods and “repeating a lie until it’s believed to be true” (the exact same approach used by Adolf Hitler), no time was it more obvious than during the 2016 presidential race. As I crisscrossed the country, looking for a sound mind in the Republican Party, I grew frustrated to find out that “truth and logic” were supplanted with blatant lies, falsehoods and denials. I thus became curious to figure out how in the world millions of people could be so “disconnected” from reality. At times, I even questioned my own sanity. I then embarked on a journey to decipher the mass behavior which has plagued the Republican Party.


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