Most Republican Leaders Promote Ignorance And Stupidity As Great Qualities

If you stop for a moment to think about it, harmful cells seem quite dumb, but are they? Recall I mentioned earlier that living organisms are very intelligent, and they are indeed. So, it’s a little bit confusing if one tries to understand the contrarian behavior of harmful cells. Why would they try to destroy the very container which can keep them alive? All living organisms fight for survival. When harmful cells enter our body (we become the host) and the only possibility for their survival is for the host to stay alive; ironically, harmful cells work aggressively to destroy the host. Once the host dies, all cells (good and bad) die as well. It seems as if the survival instinct shared by all living organisms may not be shared by harmful cells; so it seems, on the surface at least. The reality is however very different; harmful cells which invade a host fight for survival as much as the good cells which protect it. Good cells (or our immune system) are enemies of harmful cells and vice versa. Our immune system doesn’t go looking for a fight; harmful cells on the other hand do; they are usually not welcomed; they are recognized as hostile, they know of only two ways to survive a) to metamorphose in order to trick their enemies (the good cells) into accepting them as good guys b) to destroy their enemies (the good cells) and take over the host, a victory which usually doesn’t last since what usually ensues is the death of the host.

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