Most Republicans Cultivate Stupidity and Gullibility As Great Qualities


In Part three (located here), I mentioned three factors (Ignorance, Racism & lack of Patriotism) which contribute (and used by GOP Leaders) towards the dumbification of the Republican constituents. Notwithstanding the fact members of that party ignore or shrug off the assessment, their leaders continue to use those very factors for their own selfish interests, albeit to the detriment of the country.

Although those three factors have been ingrained in the Republican Party for several decades now, it was not until the Obama’s presidency that their manifestations had become more frequent, overt and even condoned by a society which is already in moral decline in which racism is shrugged off through denial of its existence, its widespread and its enforcement and lack of patriotism is ignored as partisan bickering. Even sexual harassments (Trump’ assaults on women) and pedophilia (Roy Moore, candidate for the Alabama Senate seat) are immoralities most Republicans have embraced publicly. Don’t believe me. I) Donald Trump is president of the United States II) the Republican Party endorsed Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama.


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