Most Republican Leaders Promote Ignorance And Stupidity As Great Qualities

If you’ve been reading my articles, especially during the 2016 presidential race, you are without doubt familiar with my frequent use of the word “moron” to describe, refer to and call individuals in the Republican Party. In an attempt to appeal to Republicans’ good sense (or whatever is left of their common sense) in the hope of saving the country from the impending disaster of a Donald Trump’s presidency, I insulted them all by calling them morons; to be fair, I never believe it would have made any difference to use a tone down, tempered or even reconciliatory approach. Many others have. In fact, National Public Radio (NPR) (and C-SPAN) operates in that very format and yet its audience is overwhelmingly Democrats and Independents. I always know that most Republicans are borderline “ignorant” irrespective of their college education. How does that even make sense? How is that even possible?

What would you add?

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