The Dumbification of the Republican Party


No one is born dumb or a genius (despite popular belief). But there are people born with physical defects or mental disabilities and there are individuals born with great abilities. Whichever category one falls, it is completely up to the individual to nurture, grow and even perfect his/her ability. That aspect of one’s life is independent of social class.

Similarly, the Republican Party comprises two very distinct groups 1) the GOP Leaders who have great abilities to deceive and exploit the most naïve and gullible supporters of their Party 2) the GOP constituents whose behavior, actions and logic can only be compared to the two main characters in “Dumb and Dumber”.

It is proven beyond a shred of a doubt that Republican constituents in general are several times dumber (more ignorant) than their Democrat counterparts. And it has nothing to do with college education; relatively speaking, Republicans with a college education fare much less favorably than their non-college educated counterparts.


What would you add?

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