Most Republican Leaders Promote Ignorance And Stupidity As Great Qualities

After much observation, research and analysis, I believe that I have found the source of the plague which if left untreated will produce an explosion for which there will be no containment. Most Republicans act just like tumors eager to overcome the country’s immune system, completely oblivious their fate is intertwined with the host; they too will die if they succeed to destroy the defense system.

Living organisms – of which category we humans belong to – have a very distinct behavior: survival. Unfortunately (or fortunately) depending on the particular circumstance, survival can take different form and acquire different meaning. Because of that natural process, living organisms are instinctively and inherently intelligent; for instance, harmful organisms (such as tumor cells) initially masquerade themselves (metamorphose as good) and try to mingle with the other (good) cells. Our body defense system (otherwise known as our immune system) is much too smart to be tricked by harmful cells, which might help to explain why harmful cells enter our body in a fighting posture in order to overcome and destroy our body defense system. More often than not, our immune system – with some medicinal help – is able to fight back and rid our body of the harmful cells. The effect of not feeling well could be traced back to the fight between our immune system (the good cells – white blood cells) and the invaders (the harmful cells – tumor, cancer); the next day or so, we feel great as if nothing had happened, which is a sign that our immune system won the fight.

What would you add?

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