Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory

There is one common denominator about the deaths of those high profile Russian individuals – could be coincidence, who knows – the knowledge of Trump-Putin collusion in the US 2016 presidential election. It’s rare to have that many coincidences but it does happen.

I was being sarcastic, in case you missed it. Donald Trump undoubtedly colluded with a foreign government to impact the US president election. This is the most blatant proof of treason by the highest official in our government.

All those who supported and voted for Donald Trump after learning about Russia’s meddling are by definition traitors. It is difficult to rationalize the justification those individuals have to continue to align behind someone who has betrayed the country and talked about it openly. It probably makes sense after all; most Republicans are not loyal to the United States of America.

DON’T PANIC! Reign of the Morons series will be back; I will discuss four major factors which might help to decipher the mystery of moronarchy (making bad decisions together), the first factor will be to look into the “mass illusion of Trump’ supporters”. Stay tuned!

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory

    • The question you asked is not for education purpose; if the article was read in its entirety, that question would not have been asked. Most importantly however, the question provides a great deal of information in regards to “lack of patriotism”, coincidentally a subject I discuss extensively here.
      Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but no one is entitled to his own fact.


        • Not sure if you understand the meaning of the word “FACTS” but facts mentioned in this article are verifiable. Put differently, unless I am GOD and able to force people to do those things, I cannot take credit for making them up.
          Did you know there is a big difference between knowledge and ignorance? Well, there is. An ignorant man chooses to stay and live in ignorance; a wise man yearns for and is willing to increase his knowledge.
          FACTS are FACTS; no one can make them.


      • I can only add as a lay person, if this is the highest office in our nation, ( kids watch all of this ) why in the world would A. If impeached then aquitted, why can you run again for the highest office.? If one is impeached, can you arrested him as he leaves the white house?


      • This NO was in reference to the Mike Flyn comment and just add, this is a treasonous man and son. Turkey, Egypt, russia, Syria and more and more facts come out, ( though very slow) why don’t we here about Flyn.


    • At the time, it was underhanded. The United States is a democracy; there is only one president at a time. It looks like partisanship is more a blindfold than logic. It doesn’t matter what one likes or not. Unless you are okay for Flynn (or anyone for that matter) to undermine our system of democracy, it’s not okay. Now we know how illegal it was. The biggest problem the country has is not the differences between two Parties but instead the lack of understanding of how democracy works.
      Just because you would like something doesn’t make it okay for someone in your political party to do. In the case of Flynn in general – and the whole Trump team in particular – it seems that democracy be damn!


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