Most Police Officers Are Criminals With A Badge


At least that’s the experience for 70% of the individuals in the minority groups. While technology has been helping to expose their bad behavior in the past three years, society has continued to shield police officers from repercussion for their wrongdoing. Case in point, Michael Slager, the officer who shot the fleeing unarmed black man in South Carolina (left picture above), has to be retried because the jury couldn’t reach a guilty verdict. Seriously! That particular case was one of the most blatant proof of a police officer murdering an unarmed civilian (See the video here), and yet society failed to punish the police officer. What incentives do those “criminals with badges” have to change their behavior?

Note: with this article, the series “Criminals with A Badge” returns. If you have a particular case you’d like us to take a look at, contact us with details.

So, the image of David Dao, a 69-year old passenger on United Airlines Flight 3411, being dragged off the plane by police officers which has caused quite an uproar in the nation and across the world should be familiar scene to Americans. These types of behavior of police officers are not just ignored here in the country, they are condoned and even encouraged; with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, most police officers behave as if they have a mandate to murder minorities. Although most of the focus has been on United Airlines and most debates – online, on television and newspapers – have zeroed in on the mis-handling of the incident by airline’s CEO Carlos Munoz, namely blaming David Dao, another most important aspect which has received very little ink is the handling of the matter by law enforcement.


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