Trump’s Collusion with Russia for Dummies – 2


I established a long time ago that Donald Trump’ supporters – upgraded or downgraded (depending on your interpretation) to fanatics – are morons. Read “Reign of the Morons” series here for more insight. It is no consolation to know that but it helps to be able to put the state of the country in perspective.

The morons who elected Donald Trump in office have, despite themselves maybe, emboldened him to behave erratically, to act madly and to speak childishly. Because of his distrust for everyone around him, Mr. Trump has always resorted to Russia for help in several occasions during his campaign and now as president. When it did it during his presidential campaign, we ignored his invite to Russia to meddle in US affairs, we called it outrageous but we moved on. So, day after day, Mr. Trump has become more and more emboldened.

If “I could get away with those overt instances of working with Russia while I was a candidate, how much more will I be able to get away with as president” Trump reasons. In fact, he didn’t just get away with inviting Russia publicly to hack into the DNC system, he opened back channel communications while he was still a candidate. And as soon as he won the November election, he delegated individuals – some he would later appoint in his administration – to reassure Vladimir Putin that as president he will undo everything Obama did in regards to Russia.

While each detail of revelation about Trump collusion with Russia might come as a surprise to most, if you’ve been reading the articles I published, you would not be surprised at all to learn that Donald Trump has been in bed with Vladimir Putin for quite some time now. On January 19, 2017, I published the article titled “Secretary of Russia Is Now President of the United States” in which I pointed out three major points that i) Mr. Trump had prior knowledge of Russia’s involvement in the elections ii) Mr. Trump colluded with Russia iii) Mr. Trump actively participated in helping Russia. You can read the full article here.

I know it’s a lot to take in. Stay tuned as I will continue to detail in this series how the morons who pledged loyalty to Trump have empowered him to do as he pleases and emboldened him to bypass (at least try to) the constitutional structure of our government.

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