Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory

As it should already be obvious, most Republicans in Washington are either involved in cover-up or facilitating the cover-up. As I mentioned many times here, Republicans are not loyal to the United States; their interests lie somewhere else. It is also important to note that the Democrat counterparts should have objected to Mr. Nunes leading the investigation in the first place; they should object to Mr. Conaway as well. As it stands today however, Democrat Legislators show very little effort to weed out Trump’ sympathizers as Chair of the investigation committee. Such behavior is almost always the Democrat Party’s weakness; they ignore the obvious; they naively believe their Republican counterparts would do the “right” thing but over and over and over Republicans have proven unable and unwilling to play by the same rules, by any rule.

The Republicans in Washington are not the only Party which has been working feverishly to bury information, to obstruct the investigation, to slow down the process or to derail the matter altogether. Russian President Vladimir Putin on his part has lent a hand to the Trump’s White House; he’s been busy burying evidence and eliminating anyone who may have damaging information; even people remotely connected to those who have incriminating information are being targeted for elimination (translation: killed).


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin Is Not a Theory

    • The question you asked is not for education purpose; if the article was read in its entirety, that question would not have been asked. Most importantly however, the question provides a great deal of information in regards to “lack of patriotism”, coincidentally a subject I discuss extensively here.
      Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but no one is entitled to his own fact.


        • Not sure if you understand the meaning of the word “FACTS” but facts mentioned in this article are verifiable. Put differently, unless I am GOD and able to force people to do those things, I cannot take credit for making them up.
          Did you know there is a big difference between knowledge and ignorance? Well, there is. An ignorant man chooses to stay and live in ignorance; a wise man yearns for and is willing to increase his knowledge.
          FACTS are FACTS; no one can make them.


      • I can only add as a lay person, if this is the highest office in our nation, ( kids watch all of this ) why in the world would A. If impeached then aquitted, why can you run again for the highest office.? If one is impeached, can you arrested him as he leaves the white house?


      • This NO was in reference to the Mike Flyn comment and just add, this is a treasonous man and son. Turkey, Egypt, russia, Syria and more and more facts come out, ( though very slow) why don’t we here about Flyn.


    • At the time, it was underhanded. The United States is a democracy; there is only one president at a time. It looks like partisanship is more a blindfold than logic. It doesn’t matter what one likes or not. Unless you are okay for Flynn (or anyone for that matter) to undermine our system of democracy, it’s not okay. Now we know how illegal it was. The biggest problem the country has is not the differences between two Parties but instead the lack of understanding of how democracy works.
      Just because you would like something doesn’t make it okay for someone in your political party to do. In the case of Flynn in general – and the whole Trump team in particular – it seems that democracy be damn!


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