ADP – A Political Party Determined to Destroy America

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America is teetering on the edge of a cliff, its leadership in the world no longer sought after, its touting of democracy now laughed at and its future quite uncertain because leaders of the ADP, red blooded American citizens, have openly worked to destroy the very country they claim to love. The threat they represent is real, perhaps more devastating than any long-range missile our foreign enemies could unleash. The ADP Leaders are enemies within that are destroying the foundation of our democracy much like termites can bring down a house by eating away at its foundation. This threat cannot be overstated.

Donald Trump’ ascension to the Oval Office in 2016 as the 45th president is perhaps the most obvious evidence i) Leaders of the ADP have deliberately worked against America ii) the kind of damage ignorance of millions in just one political party can inflict on a country iii) how the failure to recognize and acknowledge the problem by million others contribute to exacerbate the situation iv) that US Leadership in the world has fallen to its lowest , and even our allies have taken steps to NO LONGER rely (solely) on US’ leaders for guidance.


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