The January 6 Commission Is NO Match for Republicans’ Vicious Behavior to America’s Democracy

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Remark: This is part three in the series “ADP – A Political Party Determined to Destroy America” in which we place a great deal of focus on January 6, 2021 to explain the behavior of the members of a political party – GOP we now referred to as ADP – who have deliberately chosen to promote conspiracies in order to achieve nefarious objectives that run contrarian to any system of democracy. The analysis done in this series is to expose the real intent of the ADP leaders, in the hope The People, at least those who are genuine patriots, can stand up to defend the Republic against those bad actors wearing masks of patriots and claiming to love the country. The ADP members’ actions on January 6, 2021 were not expressions of freedom but rather a mendacious act of sedition against the Republic. This part – part 3 – does not stand alone. Please read the previous part for completeness of this analysis.

The kid gloves’ approach of the January 6 Commission when dealing with those who participated in, encouraged, condoned, facilitated or incited the sedition on that day is every bit as harmful to the future of the Republic as the actions of the rioters who sought to erase democracy. Some members of the Commission seem to continue to believe there is something good left in those individuals.

There is not.

Most Republicans – Legislators (147 Congressmen, 35+ Senators gathered in their respective chambers to vote against certifying Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 election) and constituents (thousands descended into Washington to prevent certification of the election) – expressed publicly (and continue to do so today) they give no sh*t about the Constitution.
The Commission careful approach is NO Match for Republicans’ dangerous behavior to America’s Democracy. The Commission can only serve America and help to preserve its democracy by being as ruthless as Republicans are vicious.

In the four years following the 2016 presidential elections, the country had experienced what it’s like to have a morally corrupt individual as president; lackeys, idiots, unpatriotic, seditionists as legislators, and imbeciles as supporters.

Even if one wants to be civilized and respectful, it’s still difficult NOT to concede that i) the majority of Republican constituents are ignorants who have subscribed to illogical nonsense and conspiracies ii) they are herds of imbeciles who believe their nefarious actions are righteous and will hurt Democrats; while they work to remove the very grounds they stand on, they also destroy the very country they claim to love; courtesy of their newfound savior Donald Trump.


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