Why America Will Fall – 2

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The fall of the aforementioned empires was a gradual process triggered almost exclusively by external factors that were mostly beyond the control of the Emperors. It is different with America. It’s very different.

America will fall, not from attacks by foreign governments, not from plots by terrorist groups but rather by the very people elected to protect America, by the very people who took an oath to defend America, by the very people who claim to be patriots, by the very people who claim to love the country. America will fall because those in charge of lifting it up have worked instead to bring it down, to run it to the ground. That’s really different.

The Republican Leaders who have precipitated the fall of America have shrugged off being responsible for assault on America’s democracy. Be it out of ignorance or sheer disinterest in the affairs of the country, the GOP leaders have managed to convince millions of naïve, gullible supporters the destruction of America is not what it seems, and it doesn’t matter anyway.


One thought on “Why America Will Fall – 2

  1. If you can look at the past 7 months and still blame Trump for any of America’s hardships, then you are what is destroying our country. Trump entered the swamp and shone a light on the corruption in DC. He didn’t create it.


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