Why America Will Fall – 2

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The aforementioned example provided here is simply a reference to the level of confidence we express in our predictions. As such, it is every bit painful to come to the conclusion regarding the fate of America. We are after all Americans who care very deeply about the future of the country; however, our judgement is not clouded by our patriotism. After more in-depth analysis of the trajectory of events since the elections of Trump and beyond his departure, it has become more and more evident that the fall of America has become inevitable.

The decline, and ultimately the fall, of any empire is always inevitable. The Greek (not empire per se, was part of the Roman Empire), the Roman, the Egyptian, the British were all empires with varied degree of success. None of those empires survived; in fact, one would say there is no more empire, except America. To be accurate, America has never acquired or officially labeled an empire, perhaps a moot or even irrelevant discussion to have. America has been an empire, for it meets the most rigid definition of such: an aggregate of many separate states or territories under a supreme ruler or oligarchy which couldn’t be any more obvious than under the Trump administration. An empire is a large polity which rules over territories outside of its original borders. Be it labeled or not, be it accepted as such or not, one should not deny the obvious fact that America is an empire in decline, an empire nevertheless.

Does it matter?  Does it really matter? The aforementioned ‘former’ Empires are not doing too bad at all. So what if America falls? Does anyone give a hoot?

Perhaps! Perhaps not!


One thought on “Why America Will Fall – 2

  1. If you can look at the past 7 months and still blame Trump for any of America’s hardships, then you are what is destroying our country. Trump entered the swamp and shone a light on the corruption in DC. He didn’t create it.


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