When It Is Profitable To Do Away With the Constitution

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Is there ever a time, can there ever be a circumstance that would warrant doing away with the Constitution? The answer which seems so obvious was ignored, the disregard for the Constitution explained away by the perpetrators who – some of whom are legislators – remain unpunished as of this writing. When it is personally beneficial to do away with the Constitution of the United States, most Republicans would, most Republicans have. They proved it once, twice, several times; on January 6, 2021, we the American People and the World witnessed not even the Constitution they took an oath to protect and defend matters. They didn’t stop there; they hurt people.

It goes against common decency to hurt others; to hurt period. It is pure evil to harm others for financial rewards or for power. Even in flicks, we regard those who do as low life, reject of society, unfit to belong to the human race. We all know – instinctively or intuitively – those types of individuals are much like unpredictable wild animals that should be avoided at all cost.

Imagine the trauma decent people have lived under in the past five years to witness that GOP Leaders behave much worse than wild animals we’ve advised everyone to stay away from. Imagine the nightmare the rest of us continue to live through knowing that millions of Republican constituents are as malevolent as the people they elected to represent them. Consider that to them Vladimir Putin, the Russian president is better than the one America has; consider that to them Russian are much less a threat than their fellow Democrats, according to a poll taken by Economist/YouGov published in Daily Mail on June 18, 2021. Consider that they donated millions of dollars with one single objective: to do away with democracy, to destabilize America. To Republicans, it’s always high time to destroy everything America stands for, as long as it benefits them.


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