Why America Will Fall – 2

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America is back” said Joe Biden (in his inauguration speech and many other times since). Is America back? Perhaps!

It could be too little too late, for the fall of America was precipitated with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 as the 45th president; that tragedy cannot be reversed. Even events following the departure of Trump should suffice to convince the most optimistic among us that the fall of America is now inevitable.

If I sound like a prophet of doom, it’s because everything points to a “doomsday era” in America. For the sake of future generations, I urge anyone in position of influence and power to heed this warning. I DO NOT put in writing nonsense; sleepless nights of research, analysis are usually the product of “doom” predictions in my publications. The most recent proof (of prediction was shrugged off, ignored and ridiculed by most) as outlined in the next paragraph should be sufficient evidence that predictions I jot down to publish are the result of meticulous research.


One thought on “Why America Will Fall – 2

  1. If you can look at the past 7 months and still blame Trump for any of America’s hardships, then you are what is destroying our country. Trump entered the swamp and shone a light on the corruption in DC. He didn’t create it.


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