Why America Will Fall – 2

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Republican Leaders are hypocrites, liars, unpatriotic, cunning and masters of deception who would rather deceive their own supporters instead of doing the work for which they were elected. Today, they represent the greatest threat to America’s democracy; they are the greatest danger to the future of this nation.

America will fall because the leaders of a major political Party – the GOP – don’t just want America to fall but they also legislate to bring America down. America will fall because the Republican supporters are unable or unwilling to stand up for America by repudiating their mischievous leaders with Machiavellian intent.


One thought on “Why America Will Fall – 2

  1. If you can look at the past 7 months and still blame Trump for any of America’s hardships, then you are what is destroying our country. Trump entered the swamp and shone a light on the corruption in DC. He didn’t create it.


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