The 2020 Onslaught Has Begun

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Politics is not for everyone, duh!

Fasten your seatbelt and brace for major impact! The 2020 no-hold-back every-man-for-himself fight has begun.

My mom used to joke she would reject any child who would go into politics. Would she really? From where I am standing, she would not. My mom was so kind, so accommodating to strangers and so forgiving to those who did her wrong, that got on my nerves sometimes. Her kindness was overwhelming. Nevertheless her joke continues to guide me to stay away from politics, at least not to be directly involved. The last presidential debate is a taste of the ugliness to come, mother’s intuition I suppose.

On Tuesday, October 15 2019, the Democrat Party held its 4th debate which placed the eligible candidates (those who met the minimum criteria to be on the stage) – vying for the nomination of the Party – side by side to answer questions – by the moderators – and have the opportunity to challenge one another.

What would you add?

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