The 2020 Onslaught Has Begun

The candidates on the stage did not hesitate to use all the ammunitions at their disposal to defeat Elizabeth Warren right there on the stage that night. They really wanted to finish her up once and for all.

Elizabeth Warren did not return fire; she could not but she managed to survive the onslaught coming her way. By the time the moderators decided it was over, Elizabeth Warren would walk away, out of that stage almost unscathed; she must have had a lot of luck or she is simply very good at evading the enemy. She did; she was. Based on the polling taken after the debate, Elizabeth Warren still holds her position. According to that poll, Biden enjoys a 10 point lead at 31% over his closest rivals Elizabeth Warren at 21%, Bernie Sanders a close 2nd or 3rd depending on your math at 18%.

But it was not the barrage of attacks, it was not the shrewdness of Elizabeth Warren – to avoid answering difficult questions – or the luck she must have had which provided us a lot more information than we needed here at The People Branch’s politics section to discover a rather disturbing pattern of behavior in the country, something which has handicapped the nation for over a century. To use a cliché, we as a nation have not been able to live up to our true potential. We could indeed make America Greater if we …

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