It’s Spookier than It’s Ever Been

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Displays on front yards, masks, costumes in almost every store are signs that Halloween is near. Some people, the diehard fans, will decorate their dwellings – from the gate in – to project the image of really scary stuff beyond and behind the displays. It’s impossible not to notice. While the displays might suggest Halloween is a scary time, the excitement towards that day suggests otherwise.

On Halloween day, children dressed as characters – celebrity and zombie – are everywhere, trying to scare their friends or just having fun for just that one day; as the day winds down, the children will begin to do the round knocking on doors in their respective neighborhoods, to “trick or treat”. Adults who answer the door will pour candies into the kids’ baskets; some adults would show up at the door with a really scary mask which would send some kids running, screaming. That is all part of a fun day.

It is also customary for grown-ups to gather for a fun Halloween party – well into the night – during which drinks are served, prize for best costumes is awarded, scary stories are told. All in all, despite the scary costumes, the scary characters, Halloween does not feel scary at all.


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