The 2020 Onslaught Has Begun

It could have been just another debate, just another opportunity for the candidates on the stage to separate themselves from the others, to break away from the pack, to stand out.

Notwithstanding the fact that a stage of twelve individuals allotted 90 seconds each to provide comprehensive answers to complex questions, most came that night with one objective in mind, to slow down (or to stop if possible) the upward trajectory of the perceived frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren. All eleven candidates on the stage, including Joe Biden who was considered not too long ago the frontrunner, went after Elizabeth Warren for one reason or another.

That was to be expected; Elizabeth Warren should have expected that. Attacks on the frontrunner (or perceived frontrunner) by those trailing are nothing new; it’s a standard approach used by presidential candidates in both political parties. Elizabeth Warren was literally under a barrage of attacks from all fronts. Any soldier would tell you that if your platoon is attacked from several different fronts, a lot of luck is needed to come out alive under such predicament.

What would you add?

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