Elizabeth Warren Has the Chops

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In Part One – located HERE – we introduce the multipart series of the ROAD to 2020. Here, we take a look at the factors, some of which, have plagued every presidential election since the beginning. This multipart series is meant to provide a context and the rationale for change.

The 4th debate puts a lot in perspective for the country

  1. Elizabeth Warren has bold solutions but she is hesitant to share the details of those solutions.
  2. Most candidates for president do not want to tackle big issues; they fear that to propose bold solutions can be costly
  3. Most Democrat candidates continue to “dance around” issues instead of proposing bold solutions
  4. The constituents – of both major political parties – do no really care much about solutions for anything (they just want the candidate they like to simply say what they want to hear)

We discuss each one of those factors which have made it near impossible to take the country to higher ground instead of entrusting it to someone – like Donald Trump – to run it to the ground.


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