Key Evidence in the Gabby Petito Case Leaves No Doubt Brian is the Murderer

Key evidence links murder of Gabby Petito to Brian Laundrie

Remark: This is part-2 of two-part series in the Gabby Petito case file. Please refer to the first part for background on the discussions that follow here

The disappearance of Gabby Petito caught the attention of millions around the world, due in part to the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

However, there is one key-evidence we looked at which gives us confidence to state unequivocally that Brian Laundrie murdered his fiancée. That’s why we are baffled that law enforcement has yet to bring murder charges against Brian (postmortem of course).

Brian has been declared dead based on partial remains and dental records found in the Carlton Reserve in Florida near the area he loved to camp according to his parents.

In the audio below – also located on our podcast – we analyzed in great details the key evidence and posit the real reasons Brian had to kill Gabby. He had apparently no choice.

Key evidence links murder of Gabby Petito to Brian Laundrie

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