People Branch – Nov-1

Me: I am sometimes quite confused.

Me: Ask me why?

You: Well, what are you confused about?

Me: You’re much smarter than.., pause.

Me: Never mind; I am not sure I understand the whole notion of democracy, freedom of speech, those sort of things.

You: Hmm! I see. Which part of democracy or freedom of speech don’t you grasp?

Me: The whole thing.

You: I see. Pause.

You: Let me try to shed some light into this very difficult topic.

You: You see, freedom of speech allows you to say what’s on your mind without any fear of punishment. Pause.

Me: So, if I curse the President, I am exercising freedom of speech, right?

You: Well, within reasonable limits.

Me: In other words, freedom of speech allows one to say what’s on one’s mind as long as no one can hear, right?

You: Well, as I said earlier, it’s a very difficult topic.

Me: No wonder I am so confused.

Me: How about democracy?

You: democracy gives you the opportunity to choose elected officials. Pause

You: You know, president, senators, mayors, etc…

You: Do you understand?

Me: What does that do for me?

You: Well, if you don’t like what an elected official does in office, you can vote him/her out of office.

Me: That does what for me again?

Me: So, it’s kind of switching from the mouse to the cat, watching over the cheese.

Me: I like it.

Me: Help me understand the difference between democracy and dictatorship

You: you must be dumber than I thought. Pause.

You: See, I just exercise freedom of speech.

You: Let me see if I can explain it in very simple terms.

Me: Please do. You know how slowly my brain works.

You: I know, that’s why I offer.

Me: I appreciate it.

You: Ok. In a dictatorship, one person makes all the decision, the dictator; usually he will govern the country with iron fist for as long as he lives.

You: In a democracy however, many different groups participate in the governing of the country.

Me: In other words, in a democracy, there are dictators with term limits.

You: what exactly do you mean by that?

Me: That’s a subject for another time.



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