People Branch, what for?

Were you not under the impression Congress represents The People?

Well, I was under that impression too; but, you know Washington is 
a whole different place.
They don't need the people.
Yes, really. What do they need the people for?

Election day, eh!
Right, right.

Those Gals and Guys have no use for the people, beyond 
the useless exercise of election.

They need individuals with money, plenty of it; they need
those individuals capable of financing their campaign to tell you
what you want to hear.

I see.
Well, think about it. Pick any subject, any topic, any issue.
Follow (on C-SPAN) the candidate you elected to represent your views on that
subject; how is s/he doing?
hmmm! hmmm!
You get the picture.

Your views (and those of millions of others), your interests are not in their
priority list. They couldn't care less.

well, maybe, they do.
You would never know, would you?

The idea of representing the people is nice; but the people don't know what they
Do you know what you want?
Hold it, hold it.
Do you?

Gals and Guys in Washington don't think you do.
So, they make decision for you.
You are frustrated; so are million others.

What can you possibly do about that?
They are the government. They have the power to crush the people.

Wait a minute!
Wait just a minute!
Isn't it supposed to be a Government By the People and For the People?
Hmmm! Hmmm! Hmmm!

Where did you read that?
In the Constitution?
What's that?

Here is my advice: don't waste your breath!
What do you mean?
Don't you think the Government should abide by the Constitution?

It's a nice thought, but who would enforce that?
The People?
Right, right, the people. I keep forgetting about the People thing.

So, how do you propose for the People to do that?
Well, hmmm! uhhh! 
I don't know. Do you have a better idea?

I have a brilliant one.
Let's add a Fourth Branch; let's call it the People Branch.
Huh! Genius, isn't it?
So what you create another branch; how is it going to be different
from the existing ones?

I'm glad you ask.
Let's see.
It's still sketchy, but let's say that those who run the Fourth Branch 
answer ONLY to the people.
They are WHOLLY funded by the People.
They hold office for a VERY short period of time (2 years max).
They can be removed IMMEDIATELY if suspected of compromising the People's Interests.

Wow! that sounds like something that may work.
I told you; it's simply genius.

How do we introduce the Fourth Branch?
Well, that's the tricky part. We have to rely on those who are unreliable
to make it happen.

You mean Congress?



DON'T say it. I know. It's tough. It's an idea.
Let's invite other geniuses to join us for brainstorming...

Hmmm! Hmmm!
How about me?
Well, you....

Yeah, you can join too.

Allright, let's do it....

What would you add?

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