A Branch by the People and for the People

The US Government comprises the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch,
as if you didn't know that.
In any event, it was so conceived by our forefathers to strike a balance in governing.

The Executive Branch, you know the White House, is responsible to implement and enforce laws written
by Congress (House of Representatives and The Senate)
The Legislative Branch, you know the people you watch on C-SPAN debating, fighting, yelling,
screaming, cursing one another; yes, those people.
The ones we elect to represent us in Washington, yes those.
The Judicial Branch, the nine people with long black robes, ye.e.e.s.s.s. Contrary to Congress,
this Branch does not make laws, it interprets them.
The people in the Judicial Branch have great powers. They have the final say in everything "law",
even over the President.
wouldn't you want to be one of them?
Moving on.

If you have had the slightest interest in those you elect to represent you in Washington
(Congress Gals and Guys), you would be highly disappointed.
If you have been following them, unless you are somewhat related to anyone of them: family members,
working for them, golf buddies, etc, you'd wish
there is some magical means to replace them by others you wish would represent your interests.
Where will you find those people?
At first, I thought about mass-producing cyborgs (you know smart robots) who would do EXACTLY what
I ask them to do.
Send those cyborgs to Washington to represent my interests; they would have very specific
instructions to destroy any and all lobbyists.
They would not deviate one millimeter from their primary focus: to represent and protect
the interests of the people alone.
They would not have to be concerned about raising money for re-election; they would keep their posts forever.

As I reflect over that brilliant solution, I realized it was such a stroke of genius.
In one swoop, I also solved the problem of corruption in Washington, the lunacy of waging
wars and the madness of spending the tax payers
money in expensive trips, lodgings, meals, prostitution, etc....

And I woke up!
It was just a dream.

So, I settle for the next best thing: petition to add a new Branch to the government, The People Branch.

When I get another break from working or studying, I will talk a bit about this NEW brilliant idea.
I hope it's not another dream.

Note: If you want to contribute to this blog, drop a mail to: peoplebranch@gmail.com

What would you add?

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