The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected – Part 2

3.- He proves to be a liar to those who supported him
Most who live outside the Trump’s world are flabbergasted his approval rating has not suffered since he took office in spite of all his missteps, all misdeeds and all the wrongdoings. Pundits, analysts are very cautious, unwilling and quite possibly afraid to suggest that Trump will not be re-elected. I foresaw a different 2016 outcome from the pundits’; in fact, despite my hope he was not elected, I knew Hillary Clinton was doomed 1) when James Comey re-opened the investigation 2) Hillary did not pick Bernie as running mate.

It is however different this time; it will be different. Sure, there will be many who continue to hope their votes will carry Trump for a second term. They will be very disappointed because great many among those who helped Trump to become the 45th president have had enough of his lies, his indecency, his lack of empathy and those people have begun to understand they made a mistake. They will not cast their votes for Trump again. The Mueller Report has made it official that not only Trump but everyone who’s served his administration have embraced lying to the country as normal course of business. Never in the existence of the Republic has any administration so blatantly disregarded norms, vilified the Constitution, trampled the rule of law and lied even in circumstances which do not warrant such behavior, such was in the case of the size of the crowd during Mr. Trump’s inauguration.


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