It Is OVER for Donald Trump

The true American patriots have prevailed. We The People Have Voted!

There is absolutely ZERO reason for Democrats and all American Patriots to feel anxious about the outcome of the 2020 elections. Forget Coronavirus! Forget any effort by Trump to shrink Joe Biden’s leads in the polls! Forget about the political pundits. No! Ignore political pundits who suggest Donald Trump still have a narrow path to victory. Let me say it as clearly so any first grader can understand. There is zero possibility for Trump to win the 2020 elections.  (WATCH my special broadcast at 11:00AM tomorrow for details)

Here is how I explained in a previous article the improbability of a Trump’s win in 2020 “For the Trumpeteers who have salivated over the idea of a Donald Trump’s second term as president, it is worth repeating here what was said before: even if they were to sell their souls to the devil, Donald J. Trump will not be re-elected. In 2016, Trump (and everyone else on the planet) didn’t expect him to win but he did. In 2020, Trump, his henchmen, his minions and everyone who supports him will move heaven and earth to help him win; he will not. He will lose BIG; his loss will be HUGE, monumental, historic.


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