The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected – Part 2

4.- He proves to be incompetent
In 2016, Donald Trump marketed himself as a “great negotiator” who can get things done. During Obama’s presidency, he bashed Obama for making use of executive order, attributing that to Obama’s lack of negotiating skills. Mr. Trump surely confused “scheming and cheating” people as negotiation strategy. Even in his private life, Mr. Trump relied on lawyers to bully his opponents and wear them out of legal expenses burden as a way out of most predicaments he found himself in. Mr. Trump grew to be less and less competent as he continued to use those scheming tactics and perceived the opponent walking away as a victory. As such, when Mr. Trump managed to outwit all the political rivals in the 2016 election, he became even more emboldened, a situation which cemented his belief he is smart. But one needs not be smart to conclude Donald Trump has been proved to be incompetent, unable to grasp even the simplest concept in government, unwilling to learn and – by most accounts – incapable of paying attention. Although no one can be accused of a crime for being incompetent, a president who is will undoubtedly cause serious damage to a country with long lasting consequences. Donald Trump has already caused irreparable damages to our country. Our closest allies have already begun to strategize without US inputs and/or involvement; our enemies have already felt emboldened by the lack of leadership in the world. Those who used to look up to US for guidance have already realized the United States is no longer a trusted partner. Mr. Trump’s abysmal incompetence will undoubtedly be used in political science classes as example of sheer incompetence of an individual who had become president.


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